a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:1542:"Dear friends! Good news: WE HAVE RETURNED «COSTUMES FOREVER»!
And that's not all! We are completely reconsider costumes for our furry squirrels.

It has developed a new system images for each costume.
The first costume in the line is the base, everything else - additional images, most of which have their own magic.

Let’s see how it works. For example, basic Flash skin:

To get started, it is necessary to purchase the basic costume, in this case, Flash. It can be rented for 1 day or you can buy it forever.

NOTICE: You can use images only with the basic costume!

For example, you bought a basic costume Flash and image of Zuma. Now you have the magic of these two characters, no matter which of these two images will be dressed on your squirrel. If you buy all images in the line you will have the magic of all characters, including the base costume AT THE SAME TIME.

Let's move on to the wardrobe. New amazing wardrobe, where everything is on their shelves.

Left shelf is for magic. When the mouse on the icon of the magic, you will see its description.
Right shelf is for accessories. Choose the desired tab and try on things in different variations.

NOTICE: Some costumes have lost their relevance and have been removed from the game.
Players with these suits will receive compensation. Hope for your understanding!


Over 4 800 000 players