a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:1247:"Friends! Fashion Wednesday in Race for Nuts!

New outfits for your squirrels! Meet MakTwist and Raphael!


McTwist - very busy character. Always somewhere in a hurry, but there is nowhere and no one waiting for him. If he ask you about a some Alice, just pretend that you know nothing.

Magic:  Using his watch, MakTwist makes everyone to slow down and pass him through. After all, he's incredibly hurry.


Rafael - once upon a time a small turtle, raised by the squirrel experienced the effect of mutagens and became a young squirrel ninja turtle. He likes pizza with nuts. Pizza. With nuts.

Magic: Scream of the young turtle inspires all squirrels around. Moral support in difficult times.

Folks, stay sharp! We have prepared for you a lot of cool outfits!


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