a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:3655:"Summer was approaching and it is time to seriously attended to Belchatow greening their home planet.

Meet, "Race for Nuts: Beautification"!


In order to play roulette will need seeds that you need to collect on the locations.


Seed is not on wild land locations and battle.

For once you need to rotate the roulette 10 seeds.
Missing seeds you can buy in a jar.

List of prizes at roulette:

- 50 experiences
- 30 Energy
- 50 mana
- Elixir of Power for 30 minutes
- VIP-status of up to 30 minutes
- 1 item collection
- 10 points landscaping rating
- 5 coins
- 1 coupon

For 5 coupons you get the costume of Farmer Bob.
For 10 coupons you get the costume  of Harlock.
For 15 coupons you get the costume  of Minion.
For 20 coupons you get the costume  of the March Cat.

We also improved the award for the interim coupons, now there you can win cool accessories!

все аксессуары.png


Farmer Bob - squirrel decided to diversify the diet and sown fields of different delicacies. The farmer has all the necessary tools to accomplish this task!

Magic: The farmer directly on the map are planted various plants.


Farmer Bob joins a line of pupil.

Harlock - space pirate Captain Harlock, the captain of the ghost ship. Fugitive, ready to fight for the planet squirrels.
Magic: Puts a pirate flag, which moves automatically after 10 seconds.


Harlock Pirata joins the lineup.

Minion - pet of the squirrels and a fan of bananas!
Magic: Minion throws a banana in the air, which breaks down into 5 small bananas. The more fruit will catch other squirrels s, the greater the acceleration receive mignon.


Minion joins the lineup Not-a-Chance Hare.

March Cat - the most fashionable pussy on the planet squirrels. His hat luxury and excellent butterfly only confirm this fact!

Magic can fly for long distances. During the flight, one can see only his head.

Mili Kot 17 12 2015.png

March Cat joins the lineup Cheshire Cat.

Compete with your friends and become the best! Show everyone what you can do!


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