Squirrel – is the game’s main character. It is available to everyone. Its main goal is to gather nuts and carry them to the hollow. You have a variety of clothes for your squirrel to wear – you can make your squirrel look differently and have unique abilities. You can buy looks and outfits in the store. A squirrel has its own magic power – it can use mana to make maps completion easier. Magic is available to all squirrels after they finish the school of shamans. The icon for magic is in the lower-right corner. Click it to open the menu.


Shaman – is the squirrels’ mentor. He helps them overcome obstacles on their way to get the nut and carry it to the hollow. He has all sorts of professions and skills that can be improved.


How to become a shaman?

Click the button “become a shaman” (in the upper-right corner of the screen or in the “Round score” window) and make a payment. The “Become a shaman” button is available once your squirrel reaches the 8th level. If no one chooses to become a shaman, this role goes to the squirrel that reached the hollow first. This squirrel also must have a shaman´s certificate (you can get one in the school of shamans). If no squirrel has the certificate, the most experienced squirrel becomes the shaman.


How to create objects as a shaman?

To create objects, you have to drag-and-drop them from the bottom menu to the area close to you (this area is limited by the white circle) and hold them in that area for a few seconds. To pin the object with a yellow (movable) or a red (immovable) nail, press the C or V keys respectively after you click the object. You can rotate all objects by using the Q or E keys (or the mouse wheel). You can refine your skills in the school of shamans. To visit it, click the corresponding island.

Mad shaman (Black shaman) is an evil child of darkness, that dwells at the Storm location in the Mad shaman (Black shaman) mode. His only desire is to kill other squirrels. For each kill, the dark shaman gets 2 nuts and 2 mana.


Scrat and Scratty – characters from the Ice Age cartoon series. In Race for Nuts, Scrat and Scratty are playable characters. Assemble specific collections to unlock Scrat and Scratty.


Dragon – a playable character in Race for Nuts. Dragon has a unique ability – his jump is 50% higher than that of other squirrels. This ability allows him to complete maps faster and pick up necessary elements of collections.

Dragon has another special ability – he can throw fireballs that can hurt other squirrels. However, fireballs are useless under water. A squirrel that was set aflame can extinguish the fire by jumping into water.

Not-a-chance Hare – an enemy of all squirrels. First appeared at the Pine Forest location. Its only desire is to interfere with the squirrels’ affairs. You can become the Not-a-chance Hare for 500 nuts or 1 coin.



Turning into stone – the Hare can turn into stone for several seconds. In the stony state, it can push squirrels into the abyss, acid, or on the spikes. The spikes are harmless to a stony Hare. But be careful, stony Hare can’t swim.

Earthquake – the Hare can summon an earthquake that causes a shaking screen (every player’s screen, including the Hare’s one starts to shake) which make it difficult to play. Who suffers the most is shaman – during an earthquake he is almost unable to put a stick on the map.

Gum – the Hare can shoot the gum. If he shoots a squirrel with a gum, other squirrels may stick to it. Gummed squirrels cannot move well, even if one is standing on a block and others are hanging (which sometimes is very convenient). You can unstick yourself from other squirrels if you die or wait till the gum disappears.

Spit – you can use it to spit on the player’s screens and prevent them from seeing a part of the map.

Reincarnation – the Hare can resurrect after death.

Acceleration – the Hare moves 3 times faster than usual

Also the Hare can pick up a nut and carry it. Other squirrels may take this nut, but if the Hare becomes stony, the squirrels will not be able to take the nut.


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