How do I create my own clan?

To create your own clan, click the “Create a clan” button. You can find the button in the squirrel’s house, under your nickname. You can create your own clan for 50 coins. This feature is available from level 7.

How do I enter an existing clan?

There are two ways:

1 – the Leader of the clan can invite any player to the clan through the player’s menu.

2 – The player that is not in the clan can send a request to enter a clan using the menu of the player who is in the clan.

Only the Leader of the clan can accept or decline the request.

Available from level 7.

Can I join another clan if I already am a member of one?

The player who is a member of a clan cannot join another. If you invite such player to the clan and he accepts the invitation, he will no longer be a member of the first clan.

How do I close my clan?

In the clan’s room there’s a button “Close clan” in the upper-right corner of the board. If you close your clan, you will lose all savings, all districts will disappear.

This option is available only to the Leader of the clan.

How do I leave the clan?

Click the button “Leave the clan” in the upper-right corner of the clan’s room.

How do I expel a squirrel from a clan?

In the player’s menu there is an “Expel from the clan” option. This option is available only to the Leader of the clan.

How do I get to the clan’s room?

To enter the clan’s room, click the lower-right arrow in the squirrel’s house.

How do I create clan’s private districts?

The Leader or the Clan Support can buy a private district for clan’s money. Any squirrel in the clan can buy it for its own money.

How do I communicate with squirrels in my clan?

There is a chat in the clan’s room.

Who are the Clan Support?

The clan support – are the clan leader’s helpers, they can do whatever the clan leader can do (accept requests, invite to the clan, use the clan’s budget, update the clan’s news), except closing the clan.

What is the news of the day and how do I change it?

The news of the day is a message for all players in the clan. The clan leader or the clan support can change it by clicking “Change the news”.

How do I change the clan’s name?

Click the “Edit info” button – you can find it under the clan’s name in the clan’s room. You can also change the coat of arms and the icon of the clan. This option is available only to the Leader of the clan.

Why do we need the coat of arms? And why are there two of them?

The coat of arms is the face of the clan. Other players can see the big coat of arms only in the rating. The small one (icon) appears at locations. You can see it next to the squirrel’s name.

How do I check the clan’s money transactions?

There is a tab “Transactions” in the chat window in the clan’s room. There you can see all information about the clan’s budget.

What is a “black list” in the clan?

A black list is a list of squirrels that cannot send a request to enter your clan.

Who can add a squirrel to the blacklist?

The Leader or the Clan Support.

Who can delete a squirrel from the black list?

Only the Leader of the clan. To do that you should click the squirrel’s nickname in the game.

How do I see the list of other members of the clan?

You can see all your clan-mates in the feed at the bottom. It is available to the Leader and the Clan Support.

How do I read the information about a player’s clan?

Click the clan’s name in the player’s menu (the menu will open if you click the player’s name or his avatar).

How do I know who else is in my clan?

Click a small button with a shield and a nut on it (above the friends’ list) to open the list of the clan’s members.

When does the clan get experience?

When a squirrel reaches the hollow or wins the battle, the clan gets +1 to experience. The clan’s experience allows it to get to new levels. If the number of members in the clan is exceeded the clan will not be able to gain experience.

Where can I see the clan’s level?

In the clan’s room, under its name (the number in the star).

Where can I see how many points of experience does the clan need to reach a new level?

There is an experience bar in the clan’s room. You will see the information you need if you move the cursor over it.

What is members limit?

It is the maximum number of squirrels that can be in the clan. First there can be only 50 players in the clan. With every new level 2 more squirrels can join the clan.

You can also buy extra room for the clan. Each time you buy more room it gets more and more expensive.

What will happen if a clan exceeds the limit?

If there are more members in the clan than allowed, the clan will not have access to totems and experience. Attention! The clan’s money and private districts are still available.

What is a totem? Why do we need it?

Totem is a magic object that gives squirrels bonuses. You can set it up in your clan’s room. You can click the slot for totem and see different types of totems and their effects.

How do I set up more totems?

Buy an extra slot for the nuts from the clan treasury.

How do I pump my totems?

You have to perform various special actions. To swing your totem, you have to place it in the slot (simply opening the totem is not enough).

-Totem of Finesse (enter a hollow)

-Totem of Vital Force (use the “Reincarnation” magic, auto-resurrection sets, and the magic of the Skeleton outfit, Angel outfit, and Archangel outfit)

-Totem of Quick Paws (use the “Lightning squirrel” magic)

-Totem of Levitation (use the “High Jump” magic)

-Totem of Growing Nuts (be the first to enter a hollow)


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